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37 Hyper Motor City, opposite Ferreiras Garden Centre in Maxwell str. Come and see for yourself.

How will you save with an EV? Contact us to find out!

A view of the luxurious interior of the Evalia 7-seater model. (Nissan Jakarta)

Nissan eNV200. Models availble: 2014 onwards; usually low mileage and good condition; 24 or 40 kWh; Range on full charge: 24kWh does 100-120km, 40kWh does 200 km (on a full charge)

e-Nv200s by pre-order only, 7 seater Evalia model also availble. From N$ 350 000:00

Ask us about finance options.

Nissan Leaf from 2014 to 2016, 24kWh and 30 kWh, usually low mileage and excellent condition. Range on a 100% charge: 24kWh – about 120km and 30kWh – about 150km. From about N$210 000. Free DC fast charging at Grove Mall until December 2022.

EV’s are here, now!

Save with an electric vehicle. If you charge from solar, your payback period on the solar installation can be reduced by up to 50%!

Arriving soon

2015 and 2016 models, some 30kWh models on the way too!

Contact us on: +264 81 3055 372



Contact us on: +264 81 3055 372

Finance Options coming soon.

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Or tell us what you want and we will pre-order! T’s & C’s apply.

Contact us on: +264 81 3055 372

We will only reserve vehicles against a deposit of NAD 60 000.

Previously owned in Namibia: Nissan Leaf 2011, 113 000 km, excellent condition, N$ 95 000 Call +264 81 3055 372

More details and photo to follow